Esports Bets: Master the Game with These Expert Tips

Esports bets 55JL is the most prestigious and majestic e-sports betting address today. Hundreds of big matches with all famous games gather here. Are you a lover of Esport games? If so, quickly continue reading the article for more exciting information.

How do players rate 55JL Esports bets?

To be able to determine whether 55JL Esports is worth your time to learn and participate in, you need to have a measurement. Below are objective reviews from people who have played here.

Always ensures full licenses

The current online entertainment market can be divided into two types, one is fully licensed bookmakers, the other is playgrounds that operate underground and are often fraudulent. 55JL has been operating for more than 11 years since its inception and has always guaranteed a full, legal operating license for players.

How do players rate 55JL Esports bets?
How do players rate 55JL Esports bets?

Each betting service is carefully and strictly censored by leading gaming companies and large betting organizations. This will ensure benefits for both sides.

Beautiful, and professional in interface design

The website’s interface is the key to the first door into the player’s heart. A bookmaker with a beautiful, neat and professional interface always scores points in the hearts of players, even passersby, when they see it. Understanding this, 55JL Esports bets always puts more effort and investment into its interface.

All necessary features and information are integrated and the layout is extremely eye-catching. The main interface colors are orange and white, bringing a more vibrant and fun feeling to players. The list of betting halls is divided into small sections to make it easier for players to search and bet.

Quality is a prerequisite in products

There are many ways to attract players, but keeping them for a long time is something few bookmakers can do. However, 55JL Esports bets can do that quite easily.

The house’s entertainment products are of good quality and have been stable over the years. This is a prerequisite factor that makes players willing to stay with the house. Every year the house also works hard to improve or release new betting products.

In Esport tournaments, there will be many different types of bets for players to choose from. The tournaments that are broadcast live always go smoothly and are all big tournaments that have influence in the world.

The quality of Esports bets
The quality of Esports bets

Success in building a customer care system

The customer care system is always a powerful left hand to help the house increase player satisfaction in many cases. Bookmaker 55JL has a team of staff who work principled and professional but are equally flexible in making sure players are satisfied.

As long as gamers have questions or problems that are difficult to resolve, they can immediately contact them to have them resolved within the same day. This is what many people like the most when mentioning bookmaker 55JL.

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What types of Esports bets are available at 55JL?

There are many big bookmakers but the diversity of bets is not much. When playing 55jl casino real money Esports, you will not need to worry about being limited in bet types. Here there are up to 6 main types of bets applied to matches in subjects such as LOL, CS:GO, PUGB,…. There are also other types of bets, but today we will introduce them to you. You have 6 main types of bets:

  • Full match time bet: Players bet on whether the entire match will last more or less than 35 minutes
  • Bet on getting the first five lives: Players bet on which team will get 5 lives first
  • Odds to win the item first: In Esport games, items are the most fought for. This type of bet allows you to guess which team will win the item first.
  • First match win bet: Compare strength and bet on which team will win the first match in 5 matches.
  • Handicap: Players are allowed to set the ratio between the handicapped team and the handicapped team. This type of bet is the most difficult among all types of bets because players need to accurately predict the odds to win the bet.
  • Match championship bet: This is quite a difficult bet because to win the championship you need to win at least 3 matches out of 5 matches. Players need to research carefully and compare carefully to decide which team will win in the end.

Some of the most popular Esports bets in 2024

Below is detailed information about the popular games attracting the most participants at the present time:

Dota 2

This is considered the forerunner of today’s MOBA games. You can both watch the match and bet on sports. For example, LOL Esports bets is also one of the games developed based on the Dota 2 map. Normally, matches of this game will last from 35 – 40 minutes.

Players can observe and apply all their skills to place bets during that time. For example, in this Esports game, players can bet on Over/Under, first life bet or Even/Odd results,…


People on the same team must have extremely good coordination with each other. Players will choose champions and divide lanes to suit each other. At the same time, during the participation process, players can also interact with each other to create effective strategies.

Some of the most popular Esports bets in 2024
Some of the most popular Esports bets in 2024

People on the same team must have extremely good coordination with each other. Players will choose champions and divide lanes to suit each other. At the same time, during the participation process, players can also interact with each other to create effective strategies.


CS:GO is also a popular Esports game at the moment. Because of the surreal graphics and diverse gun system, the matches in this game are always thrilling and exciting. Some popular betting options in this game are betting on match results, Side Bets and betting on the number of winning rounds,…

Esports bets 55jl casino login register online is gradually becoming more popular and bringing many new things to players. If you want to participate, please quickly log in to receive more surprising gifts from the house.


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