Lucky Neko – Super product with amazing prizes at 55JL

Lucky Neko is one of the top products that attracts many players. The game has surreal graphics and an extremely new theme. In the following article, 55JL will share with you all the details related to this game and how it

Summary of the plot of Lucky Neko slot game

It is also known as Maneki Neko (Cat of Fortune), is an online slot game inspired by the famous Japanese symbol of luck. The story begins in Japan’s Edo period, when a traveler was saved from being struck by lightning by a cat.

This has become a legend about Maneki Neko – the cat that can bring luck and fortune. In the game, players will be immersed in a traditional Japanese space with images of waving Maneki Neko cats, bright lanterns and cherry blossom trees.

Summary of the plot of Lucky Neko slot game
Summary of the plot of Lucky Neko slot game

The game’s space is an ancient temple that brings a feeling of luck and a chance to win big. Every time the Lucky Nemo symbol appears, it will increase the multiplier so players have a chance to receive bigger bonuses. The game also integrates many symbols such as wilds and scatters, bonuses,…

The game takes you to the mystical world of Japan, where lucky cats (Maneki-neko) not only bring prosperity but also open up big winning opportunities for you. At the same time, players can explore ancient temples, quiet gardens and traditional festivals,… All in a colorful and attractive slot game.

Summary of how Lucky Neko game operates at 55JL

Any online jackpot game will have its own operating rules. When playing this game, you need to pay attention to important information such as reward rules, rules for unlocking special features,…

Reward rules

Lucky Neko has 2,025 to 32,400 ways to win per spin. The payout rules start from the first column, consecutively from the left, except for the Scatter symbol and only pay the largest winning line. Thus, the opportunity to change your life is more open. At the same time, you can also witness the unpredictable transformation of the spinning wheel.

For example, you bet 50 coins and get 3 Sushi symbols. The Romo symbol has a payout value of 0.3. According to the formula, the winner will receive: 50 x 0.3 = 15 cents profit. If you keep accumulating, you will become a tycoon and have a richer and more joyful life.

RTP of Lucky Nemo game

Lucky Neko’s redemption rate is 96.73%, which is higher than many games on the market. However, this game has custom RTP ranges. This is a medium volatility slot from publisher PG Soft to better suit players. Especially for beginners, you don’t have to worry about losing your money in the blink of an eye.

Summary of how Lucky Neko game operates at 55JL
Summary of how Lucky Neko game operates at 55JL

The maximum win of the game is up to 5,527 times the bet you place. Thus, if you bet 100,000 VND, the player can earn a huge amount of 552,700,000 VND. Getting rich has never been so easy and gentle. Your job is just to click to activate the spinning wheel to explode the jar.

Special icons

PGSoft is famous for its vivid graphics and color effects. This is a brand that realizes every bettor’s experience. When playing Lucky Neko, bettors will see many different symbols such as Lucky Nemo, drum, Sushi rice, fan, J, Q, K, A,…. Special symbols will bring special effects. and has the following meaning:

  • Multiplier: The Maneki Neko symbol gains a multiplier each time it appears, with the multiplier increasing by +2 for each cat symbol.
  • Scatter: When 4 scatter symbols appear, the player will receive 10 free spins, and each additional scatter adds +2 spins.
  • Silver Frame and Gold Frame: Symbols with silver frames can turn into symbols with gold frames on the next drop, and golden frame symbols will become wild on subsequent drops

How to get free spins

The free spins that Lucky Neko online slot game gives to players include 10 turns. You only need to find 3 Scatter symbols to receive this lucky gift. During free spins, the win multiplier is not reset.

When entering the free spins round, the bet in this round will default to the bet you are choosing. Therefore, when you win, the system will pay the reward accordingly. You will not be able to adjust the bet level on this spin.

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Instructions for using features in the game Lucky Neko

The game has quite a few control buttons. If you don’t understand their meaning, you will use them incorrectly, leading to unjust loss of bets. To help you avoid this risk, 55JL will provide detailed instructions on how to use:

  • Spin button: Start spinning the jar. Each press will be a spin. Click this button again to stop recording.
  • Auto-spin button: When you hit 10 free spins, this button will turn on and spin until the 10 spins are over. Click the button if you want to stop automatic recording.
  • Automatic spin button: When clicking this button, members need to select the number of rounds they want to spin automatically. When the machine has rotated the selected number of revolutions, it will stop.
  • Bet levels: If you want to refer to the bet levels, you can click here.
  • Minus: Reduce the bet level to low (this depends on the bettor’s personal preferences and finances)
  • Plus: Increase the bet level (this depends on the bettor’s personal preferences and finances)
  • Fast recording button: Turn on/off quick recording mode. When turned on, the device will ignore the rotation effect and display the results immediately.
Instructions for using features in the game Lucky Neko
Instructions for using features in the game Lucky Neko


If you want to try a game with special graphics and vivid effects, Lucky Neko is the most suitable choice. Quickly register an account at 55JL now to get rich and change your life in the blink of an eye with the game. Wishes you good luck and reap a huge prize pot!


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