Lottery Playing Guide: Secrets to Success

Lottery at 55JL is one of the games that many people participate in every day because of low capital but high profits. However, to have a chance of winning big, you need to apply your own lottery strategies and skills. In this article, we will learn a lottery playing guide to optimize your chances of winning!

Lottery playing guide 99% effectively

Every afternoon, at iced tea shops and parks, people ask each other what number to bet today, what is the prediction for today’s good number? Lottery playing is extremely popular in all three regions of our country. However, not everyone knows the lottery playing guide. We would like to summarize and reveal some ways as follows:

Find beautiful lottery numbers based on memory

This lottery playing guide is based on observing and remembering numbers that appear consecutively in previous draws to find numbers that are highly likely to appear in the next drawing. Below are some standard ways to play lottery based on memory that you can apply:

Lottery playing guide 99% effectively
Lottery playing guide 99% effectively
  • Today, numbers 89 and 4 appear, the possibility of numbers 57, 41, and 36 appearing in tomorrow’s results is very high.
  • Yesterday’s lottery was 99, today there will likely be 22.
  • Yesterday’s result was 71, today’s good number prediction is likely to be 69 and 96.
  • If yesterday’s lottery number was 74, you should bet on lottery number 92 or bet on numbers 79 and 97.
  • Yesterday’s result was lot 17, it is predicted that today there will be lots 27 and 72.
  • Lot 25 blew up yesterday, it is predicted there will be lots 25 and 52 today.
  • Today’s forecast is numbers 14 and 41 if yesterday’s number was 12.
  • If yesterday there was lot 48 with 3 flashes, it is likely that today there will be lot 05, 50, 46, and 64.
  • Today there is a high possibility of winning the pair 23 and 32 if yesterday’s result had lot 43.
  • Yesterday there were numbers 52 and 55, it is expected that today the result will be 1 of 4 numbers: 50, 55, 56, and 59.

If yesterday there was lot 88, today there will likely be lot 22.

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Lottery playing guide using the prediction method

Lottery prediction is one of the popular methods used by many lottery players to increase their chances of winning. Below are the two most professional lottery prediction methods: Missing corner prediction and Filled prediction.

Examining the missing angle

This is a guide to playing the lottery based on observing the “missing corners” that appear in the drawing results. The “missing angle” of a regular rectangle has the following form in two adjacent solutions.



It can be seen that 3 corners are 1 number, the remaining corner is another number, so you immediately enter the numbers BA and AB. An example to help you easily visualize the lottery results table:

2nd prize: 65789

3rd prize: 68426

It can be seen that all 3 corners are the numbers 6 while the remaining 1 corner is the number 9. So the player can immediately play the numbers 96 and 96 for the next spin.

Lottery playing guide using the prediction method
Lottery playing guide using the prediction method

Lottery prediction of Canarium fruit

You will focus on noting and reviewing the numbers that appear frequently and together in adjacent draws. Based on these numbers, you can create pairs of numbers or groups of numbers that are highly likely to appear in the next drawing. Filling shape:

  • X
  • Y X Y
  • X

For example, 3 consecutive prizes, prize 3, prize 4 and prize 5 have the following numbers:

  • 64852
  • 95850
  • 3486

It can be seen that number 8 is X and number 5 is Y. So remember to play 58, 85!

Lottery playing guide thanks to effective bets

Capital is an important factor when playing lottery, especially if you want to play for a long time and optimize your chances of winning. Below are two effective methods of lottery playing guide:

Hurry up

Folding is a commonly used method of betting in lotteries and other gambling games. Basically, doubling is when you lose a bet, you bet again with twice the amount as before. This helps you compensate for capital losses and has a chance to win big when you win your bet. Until you win, you return to the same bet level as the first game.


Fibonacci is also applied by many bettors when participating in the lottery. This method uses the Fibonacci sequence to determine the bet amount for each play. You start with a small bet and then continue betting according to the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, …) until you win the bet. After you win, you go back to the beginning of the row and start again from the original small bet.

Lottery playing guide thanks to effective bets
Lottery playing guide thanks to effective bets

Setting a budget

Before you start playing the lottery, it’s important to set a budget. Determine how much money you can afford to lose without affecting your financial stability. Stick to this budget strictly and avoid chasing losses, as this can lead to financial difficulties.

Choosing the right Lottery Game

Different lottery games have varying odds and prize structures. Research the different types of lottery games available and choose the one that offers the best odds and suits your preferences. Some games may have smaller jackpots but better odds of winning, while others offer large jackpots with lower chances of winning.

Joining a Lottery Pool

One effective way to increase your chances of winning without spending more money is to join a lottery pool. By pooling resources with other players, you can purchase more tickets and increase your chances of winning. Just make sure to establish clear rules and agreements with the group to avoid any disputes.

Lottery playing guide is a process that requires research, calculation and patience. Please rely on the prediction methods and lottery calculation formulas above to increase your chances of winning!


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